John F Kennedy Assassination Justified Analysis

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John F. Kennedy’s assassination was not justified because as president, he passed many laws for desegregation, education, government employment and voting rights. He also cared greatly for the American people and the economy; although, president Kennedy did have enemies that were threatened by his accomplishments and conspired to kill him.

Being the youngest man elected to office was exciting for John F kennedy himself and the American people. Everybody was hopeful for the future ahead with their new president and trusted him. After being elected, on June 11, 1963 he immediately took charge in office for new civil rights legislation to help the struggle. He wished that America could go back to its priority as the first nation dedicated to the revolution of human rights. Kennedy also focused on communism and wanted the tensions between the US and Cuba to disappear. The Peace Corps was launched also during his first year in office, it allowed underdeveloped countries all over the world to receive help from volunteers in areas such as
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Some of his programs were rejected in Congress, including laws to protect civil rights and cut taxes. His fight against racial segregation led to the release of MLK from jail and this made more blacks give their support to Kennedy’s administration. He cared and supported African Americans rights and was going to help the struggle and follow through with his plans like he mentioned in his speeches during his campaign. Across the nation, more than 70% of African Americans voted for Kennedy. Part of Kennedy’s death could have been caused by his support in the civil rights and then of course he began to lose southern support because he pushed too hard of the civil rights legislation and most people in the south (whites) didn’t agree with him promoting and trying to help blacks because they were based on white

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