John Donne 's The Flea Essay

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John Donne had many obstacles throughout his life that would define him as well as his poetry. The day he was born he faced one of these obstacles as he was born to a Roman Catholic family at a time when practicing Roman Catholicism was illegal. The religious conflict he faced tore him up inside. That was until, of course, he rejecting his mother and father’s religion, electing to convert to Anglicanism. As this transformation took place, there was also a revolution in the way Donne would write. Many of his poems and sonnets would be regarding women. And while some of these rhymes would paint women in a positive light, most did not. There was a third group of poems concerning women by John Donne. This grouping was his erotically motivated poems. Some of these would be veiled in a love story while others were outright perverted. The most poignant illustration of one of these poems is Donne’s “The Flea”, where he compares making love to being bitten by a flea. Many readers of this poem do not grasp it erotic nature. The argument made by critic Anaya M. Baker is that Donne’s use of conceits or extended metaphors is what advances the stories dispute between the man and the woman in the story. The critic’s opinions are broken up into three groups. At first glimpse, “The Flea”, by seventeenth century legend John Donne, may appear to be a story of true love, but in reality it is a perverse story about a man trying to seduce a woman.
John Donne’s masterpiece is…

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