John Dollard And The Berlin Institute Of Human Relations Essay

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John Dollard (1900 -1980), grew up in a very modest household, with his father being a railroad engineer and his mother a former schoolteacher (M.H Olson, 2011).He received his undergraduate from the university of Wisconsin in 1922, and his PhD in Sociology at the University of Chicago in 1931 (Ewen, R.B, 1998). He studied psychoanalysis at the Berlin Institute in Germany (1931-1932), and taught Anthropology at Yale University. In 1935, he became a research associate at the Institute of Human Relations at Yale, and was further appointed research associate and professor of psychology in 1948. While at Yale he wrote many books, including one of his most recognized books named Caste and Class in a Southern Town (Ewen, R.B, 1998). He retired from Yale in 1962, and became a professor until his death in 1980. During his time at Yale he met Neal Miller. Neal Miller (1909 -2002) was an only child raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was described as an energetic and enthusiastic man, with an interest in the sciences (Bower, 2010). Miller studied physics and biology at the University of Washington in 1931, and received a PhD in Psychology from Yale in 1935. Miller spent a total of 30 years at Yale, as an instructor, assistant professor and researcher where he met John Dollard. Together the two worked together, and represented the shift of radical behaviorism to Cognitive psychology with the help and influence of Clark L. Hull, a famous learning theorist.
Dollard and Miller…

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