John Dickinson Contributions

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John Dickinson was born on November 13, 1732 in Talbot County, Maryland ( John Dickinson was born to a wealthy family in what is now Maryland. His father was first judge to the Court of Pleas in Delaware where he studied law at the Temple in London, the most prestigious education that a young man could hope for ( In 1764 Dickinson went into politics as a member of the Pennsylvania assembly in 1764. In later years he was elected to the Continental Congress. John with his status in the Continental Congress helped write the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution ( When Dickinson was 18 he followed in his fathers footsteps and took up law. Dickinson went overseas and spent four years studying …show more content…
He urged Americans to rely primarily on economic pressure, and he enlisted the help of the powerful British merchants in the colonists’ cause (History.Army.Mil). Later, Dickinson organized Philadelphia’s protest over the Coercive Acts, but which the Americans interpreted as a blow to their liberties. In Keeping with his support of the colonial protest movement, Dickinson also figured prominently the convening of the Continental Congress (History.Army.Mil). John Dickinson helped do a lot of things with helping the colonists declare freedom. For example, In 765 he helped lead opposition to the Stamp Act, Britain’s first effort to get the colonists to cover part of the mounting cost of empire through taxes on paper and printed materials ( Then, after parliament took away the Stamp Act, a new set of rules came rolling in. These acts were called the Townshend Acts of 1767, which put a tax on paper, paint, lead, and tea ( Overall, John Dickinson was a great man. He contributed to the colonists’ making up their minds to go with the patriots and declare freedom. He was born in Maryland on November 13, 1732. John followed his dad and went into law and became part of the Continental Congress. John Dickinson is one of our founding fathers. He died on February 14, 1808. Remember, Freedom may not have happened with out

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