John Dewey's Views On Education And The Summerhill Theory Of Education

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Prompt #1
The continuum that we discussed in class focuses on philosophers and their theories on whether the purpose of education is for the individual 's well-being or for the better of society. In class, we made a continuum, where we placed philosophers and educators along the timeline. Plato discusses the Allegory of the Cave and believes that people learn by doing. His view is pretty conservative in the sense that he solely focuses on the mind and that ideas are the only true reality. For these reasons, Plato has a conservative mindset in the sense that he believes that education is essential in order to better serve society.
John Dewey’s educational philosophy is unique in the sense that he believed that people learn the best through experience and practice. He focuses on a student centered education as opposed to a curriculum centered education. Dewey emphasizes that the individual is relative to society and that the focus of education should be centered around the child instead of the teacher or the content; Thus, being more of a progressivist. Dewey’s focus relies on experience and he takes evolvement of the
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Neil’s Summerhill theory of education sounds great overall: childhood should be spent playing and being free, and once children have played enough, they will have a motivation to work. However, his concept lacks the fundamental skills that is necessary for individuals to succeed in society. A. S. Neil’s idea of education does not fully prepare individuals for the real world. Summerhill is an example of a gap in progressive education. In class, someone pointed out how this education can be compared to similar setting like the one in the Lord of the Flies. A.S. Neil’s mindset is a prime example of Existentialism and only focusing on the individual 's well-being. Personally, I believe that my philosophy lies in the middle of the continuum: focusing on the individual’s well-being is equally as important as educating oneself for the better of

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