John Dewey And The Education System Essay

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John Dewey is a name known by many people involved in the education system in America. He was a heavily educated pragmatic philosopher that published innumerable books about education that teachers around the world have used to improve their teaching methods. Dewey tried to change the mindset of teachers to better benefit the human existence as a whole. He invented pragmatism, a philosophy of learning in practical ways and with applicable knowledge. His methods, if implemented correctly, totally revolutionize the classroom, making the teaching environment better for both the students and the teachers. However, in order to understand the ideas of Dewey, the teacher, we must first learn a bit about dewey, the person. John was born on October 20, 1859 (Wikipedia). Not much is know about his early childhood, other than him working hard to help sustain his family. However, when he became an adolescent, he attended the University of Vermont college at the young age of 15 ( When he graduated at the age of 19 he became a teacher. Later in life, he studied philosophy at Johns Hopkins. He was a nantural philospher, and would eventually become the father of pragmatism. George Sylvester Morris and G. Stanley Hall were the people who most shaped his worldview in college (Richard Field). He then taught at many other universities, such as Michigan,Chicago, and Columbia ( He always had something going on, a new school to teach at, a new project, a new book,…

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