Essay on John Constable

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John Constable:
Emotion and Influence


Art Appreciation
Professor Giselle Hasel


I. Introduction a. Thesis statement i. John Constable was one of the artists who brought originality and emotion to art, and did so by painting what he loved, and not conforming to the standard norms. II. Body b. John Constable’s Life c. Art at the time of John Constable d. What makes a John Constable Painting? e. Constable’s Works of Art ii. Stonehenge iii. Dedham Lock and Mill iv. The Haywain v. Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows vi. Boat Building near Flatford Mill vii. Flatford Mill on the Stour viii.
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Small drawings of random views constantly made their way onto the paper in these sketchbooks, and some of them would reappear later in Constable’s paintings. One event in his life allowed Constable to paint what he wanted to paint. That event was his marriage to Maria Bicknell, the daughter of wealthy parents. Maria’s parents would not allow Constable, a simple mill-owner’s son, to marry their daughter. When they passed, Maria and John were finally able to marry, this allowed Constable to no longer resort to commissions to sustain him and was able to focus on painting what he truly had a passion for; landscapes.
In 1828 Constable’s wife Maria died, and Constable painted his final portrait. In 1829, at the age of fifty-three, Constable was elected to the Academy despite Sir Thomas Lawrence’s disapproval. Constable’s accomplishments failed to take him to Paris, the hub of all things art, but in honesty he never wanted to leave England. Constable was content with and sure of the fact that his inspiration came not from new experiences, rather from his roots, and he stuck to them as his source of material. In March of 1837 Constable died. He never allowed his wealth and popularity to bring him from the country of England, or from his humbleness of mind.
Art at the time of John Constable When John Constable enrolled in the Royal Academy School in 1800 historians show both the end of

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