John Calvin And Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation

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It was the unleashing of the protestant reformation that brought about the religious, political, and societal revolution, with the aim of reforming the Catholic church’s practices and doctrines, which fundamentally changed the face of Western civilization. In early 16th century Europe, Catholicism was the sole religion of the English people. The Roman Catholic Church was the prime focus in their lives, serving as a guide to a moral and virtuous life, bringing them closer to God. It was when the church itself was corrupt, and the supremacy of the church held a higher value then the reading of the scriptures, that reformers like Martin Luther, objected against these injustices. Luther 's passion and person theology, inclined him to write the,” …show more content…
Reformers like John Calvin and Martin Luther, inspired the people to go against the church and protect themselves. The church was taking advantage of the people 's desire to be saved, by selling indulgences and claiming that they set them free from sin. When breaking off from the Catholic Church in the 16th century, people would not have expected the outcome that still continues to show and effect today. The varieties of religions, beliefs, and principles people follow and believe in is phenomenal and a major distinction from the medievals. Also in the time that separates us from the 16th century (400+ years) it is incredible how much protestant churches have developed and how strong they continue to thrive and flourish. Catholicism was in the beginning the only known religion and no one dared to go against the church and the authority it held, and although many before had questioned its power and how it governed the people, none could actually make a change like the leading figures in the 16th century did. With their strong arguments and persuasive attitude they were able to turn most of the people in favor of them making the protestant reformation possible. This changed the political world drastically, the church no longer was able to contain its control like before, people realized that they had rights that the church was restricting them from having. Religiously, the philosophies, education, and beliefs expressed all changed, people brought ideas from their newly found religions and overall providing more perspectives. Society as a whole was a affected also, more tension was between the protestant and catholics then ever before. Everyone going against the other side, which cause great controversy. We have the protestant reformation to thank for many things such as science advancements, democracies, republics,

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