Essay on John Brown 's Civil War

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John Brown was white abolitionist who believed the only way to defeat the evil slave society of the South was through violence. He invaded Harpers Ferry, Virginia on October 16, 1859 with a mere twenty one men. He failed in his attempt at slave insurrection and was captured by Colonel Robert E. Lee and eventually hung for treason.. Although he had failed, it caused an uproar in the North and South. Many Northerners disagreed with John Brown’s raid first, but as they became more united in their cause to abolish slavery in the Civil War, he was thought to be a hero and a martyr. To the Southerners, he was the epitome of evil. From 1859 to 1863, John Brown’s raid further intensified the hatred between North and the South which was already strained due to the Kansas Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott decision and made them take stronger stands for or against slavery, eventually leading to the Civil War with the North and South relationship severed.
Tensions were already high before the John Brown raid in 1859. The Kansas Nebraska Act allowed for popular sovereignty of slavery for the states. The Dred Scott decision gave slave owners permission to retrieve runaway slaves that were in free states which angered abolitionists in the North. The John Brown raid elevated tension even more. Many Northerners condemned his Brown’s raid while others did not at first In 1859, Henry David Thoreau wrote “The Last Days of John Brown” where he said John Brown was a transcendentalist.…

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