John Augustine 's Confessions By Saint Augustine Essay

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In Confessions by Saint Augustine he vouches that the only two essential things in this world are life and friendship. According to Augustine’s claim, God created man on this earth to do two things: breathe and live. While these are imperative functions of human life, Augustine goes even further, declaring that to be a whole person, one must cultivate a life that is improved by friendship. Augustine interpreted others’ theories about the nature of friendship. After reading their prospects and notions of friendship, he critically analyzed what they had to suggest by reflecting in an intellectual manner. However, Augustine also viewed friendship as an important part of his life, and he evaluated his friendships over the course of the three life stages. These stages in his life are adolescence, early adulthood and adulthood. During the course of Augustine’s life he became a close friend to many, not just those who were affiliated within his community. The experience that he had with certain friends were a pivotal aspect of the stories and reflections written in Confessions. Over the course of Augustine’s life, he shows maturity in his interactions with his friends and begins to alter his selfish behavior. During Augustine’s spiritual journey he has dealt with friends that diverged him from his spiritual calling and friends that brought him closer to his calling. Relationships that both improved and stunted his spiritual development shed light on Augustine’s morality because…

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