John Adams: Founding Father

John Adams: Founding Father
Historically known as the first Vice-President and second President of the United States of America, John Adams was a Harvard-educated lawyer who became identified with the patriot cause and led in the movement for independence. He was a delegate to the First and Second Continental Congress. During the Revolutionary War, Adams, was a diplomatic delegate to France and Holland. He served two terms as Vice-President under George Washington before being elected to the presidency. The time John Adams spent serving as the President of the United States was marked with turbulent domestic and foreign policy. Months before John Adams left office, the Capital City was relocated to Washington, D.C where he and his wife Abigail
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The presidency of John Adams was marked by controversy and upheaval. In terms of domestic policy, there were laws placed into effect which had an impact on immigration. Though the intent of the laws was prevention of the aiding and abetting of France within the United States, the laws each had political implications. According to Taylor (2016), these laws were: The Naturalization Act, The Alien Act, The Alien Enemies Act and the Sedition Act. The Naturalization Act lengthened the stay required for citizenship from five years to fourteen years. The Alien Act allowed for detention of enemy aliens in times of war without trial or counsel. The Alien Enemies Act empowered the President to deport aliens whom he deemed dangerous to the nation 's security. The Sedition Act outlawed the conspiracy to prevent the enforcement of federal laws and subversive speech. John Adams did not implement nor advocate these laws; however, he was ridiculed for them. Foreign relations were turbulent throughout his presidency. French leaders joined forces with Britain to prevent trade with the United States. This created much turmoil at home and abroad. The " X, Y, and Z affair" resulted in the creation of the Navy Department, the cancellation of treaties of alliance and trade with France, and the organization of the Marine …show more content…
One event he was able to oversee during his tenure was the relocation of the Capital City to Washington D.C. Although, Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be inaugurated in the new city and serve his presidency there. Adams resided in the White House for a few months before he left office. On the second night there he wrote, "I pray Heaven to bestow the best of Blessings on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise Men ever rule under this roof." The Adams moved in before the house was complete on November 1, 1800. They lived there until the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson. In the twenty-four hours prior to the inauguration, John Adams appointed sixteen new justices to the Supreme Court. According to historians, "The most significant appointment made by Adams was that of John Marshall of Virginia as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court" (NPS). President Adams left office having fulfilled his obligation and duties. His was a presidency marked by trial and

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