Essay on John Adams And Thomas Jefferson

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Throughout the development of the early United States, there has been fierce differences between the Federalist party and the Democratic-Republican party. With the Napoleonic Wars intensifying in Europe, its impact on America is beginning to arouse questions of the nation’s future. Within the Election of 1800, John Adams (Federalist party) and Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican party) run against eachother, both wanting their country to strive, however with vast differences in their ideals. Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are acknowledged as the founding fathers of our nation and both hold significant achievements. In Ellis’ book, Founding Brothers, many themes Ellis uses develop and portray his ideas in this election. The Election of 1800 was a very important time in history to understand and how these Founding Brothers withheld their friendship through an acute election. John Adams gained his popularity and government status by his response to the Stamp Acts which were set by Great Britain and his contribution in the Boston Massacre Trial of 1770. His contribution in the draft of the Declaration of Independence and foreign affairs lead to John Adams becoming the first vice president and second president of the United States. John Adams and the Federalist party wanted a very strong and superior Government and military, as well as to be a manufacturing powerhouse. John Adams during his presidency did not get the chance to make America what he imagined it to be.…

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