Johannes Gutenberg's Invention Of The Printing Press

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The Printing Press As the torque of the press slowly moved the paper into the ink everyone was tensely waiting to see if anything would print, and surely enough as they moved the paper the ink had permeated. The men who helped Guttenberg achieve his dream were all very fortuitous to finally be done with the creation of the press, but Johannes was far from done. Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the movable type revolutionized the renaissance and coming ages. Movable type was easily rearranged to make different texts at a moment notice. The printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg has impacted society, the economy, education and different types of printing techniques. The printing press was invented by a German inventor by the name of Johannes Gutenberg. Not every grand idea starts off in a large company that is largely funded and a huge team. Johannes Gutenberg first set up …show more content…
The country of China, where they first started block printing but the only problem with block printing is it is costly and time consuming. “Sometime in the 13th century, paper money and playing cards from China reached the West. They were "block-printed," that is, characters or pictures were carved into a wooden block, inked, and then transferred to paper. Since each word, phrase or picture was on a separate block, this method of reproduction was expensive and time-consuming”(Kreis). This shows that the printing press was not entirely genuine, the Chinese had something like it but they never perfected it. Gutenberg first had his idea for the design of the printing press from an atypical machine, the wine press. “These contraptions are wine presses” (“The Machine”). Anyone can find inspiration out of anything even making a wine press into a piece of literature all he had to do was fathom how it worked. Yet Gutenberg's legend does not fester in his death it continues into the modern

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