Johan Norberg's The Noble Feat Of Nike?

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In the essay “The Noble Feat of Nike” by Johan Norberg speaks about how the shoe company “Nike” effected Vietnam. It describes how the Nike factories use poor countries like Vietnam to gain maximum profit by paying poor wage to workers in return. In addition, they provided workers air conditioned buildings, meal plan opportunities, and insurance in case of any health problems. Norberg argues about how the company Nike isn’t exploiting the worker in Vietnam. In fact, he interviewed workers in the factory and they seem to be happy and find it beneficial to them. The workers in the factory would rather work for Nike than working on farmlands because it is much harder and suffocating in the field of burning hot weather. I can see the perspective in Norberg’s argument and I think that it is more reasonable to pay Vietnamese workers base on Vietnamese currency. …show more content…
I see many homeless people on the streets and a lot of children in their teens are working instead of going to school. In Vietnam, they have a very low status economy compare to the U.S. I converted one hundred U.S dollars into Vietnamese dong and that translate to around over two million dong. With that amount of money you can enjoy yourself in a fancy hotel in Saigon. My point is that if the Nike pays the Vietnamese workers the same amount in America, they may turn out to be millionaires in Vietnam. Norberg once said “If I was an anti-globalist, I would stop complaining about Nike’s bad wage. If there is a problem, it is that is wages are too high, so that they are almost luring doctors and teacher away from their important jobs.” In other words, why should I be a doctor, a teacher and etc. if I can just work for Nike and get paid more? This is why I think is reasonable to pay in Vietnamese currency, which translate to only fifty four U.S dollars a

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