Joel Rifkin Bullying

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Joshlyn Aguirre
Mrs. Cuba
6 April 2015
Joel Rifkin was born on January 20, 1959 and adopted shortly after his birth. He was a strange child growing up and at the age of 30 he killed his first prostitute, it was “two years after his father’s death” (Eftimiades). He would wait “until his mother was out of town on vacation, then went in search of a prostitute” (Joel Rifkin). He would bring her home, have sex “and then beat her to death” (Joel Rifkin). The big question is why did he do this? No one has a for sure answer, but there are tons of reasons why Joel would kill. I am going to focus on the way he was bullied as a child, his father committing suicide, and the movie Frenzy.
Bullying is something that happens every day and no one ever realizes it or cares. Joel Rifkin was a victim of bullying just like anyone else, “they called him The Turtle, mimicking his slouched posture and slow footsteps, seldom missing a chance to make him the butt of cruel jokes” (Joel Rifkin | Murderpedia, the Encyclopedia of Murderers). “Rifkin was pushed into the showers fully dressed, tripped in the halls and regularly called nerd, dooms, and oddball. ‘You
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Frenzy was “about a sex killer who can only perform when he’s killing his victims” (Joel Rifkin). When he first seen this movie he would have “daydreams about raping and stabbing women” (Joel Rifkin-Biography). The daydreams “included fantasies involving sex slaves and torture” (Joel Rifkin). He would skip “his classes and rarely show up to his part-time jobs” (Joel Rifkin-Biography) instead he would be spending his time with prostitutes. He could “no longer fight the violent mental fantasies. Joel waited for his mother to leave on a business trip, and then picked up a prostitute” (Joel Rifkin-Biography). This movie just motivated him to kill women even more, it would be 18 months before he took another

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