Joe Is An Adult Old Mexican Single Gay Male Essay examples

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Joe is an adult old Mexican single gay male in his midlife. The client struggles with a large amount of anxiety, and has been stressed out because of past relationships with other men. The client shared that he keeps being worried about what his former partners are going to do to him. Joe mentioned that his co-workers have called him paranoid because he believes that men who he had relationships with are going to physically hurt him. The client shared that he also feels depressed. The client’s depression is due to his feelings of being alone. The client mentioned that in occasions, he hired heterosexual men to have sex with him. Then, the client will fall in love with them, treat them well, and give them money. The client would do similar behaviors with homosexual men. The client would attempt to take care of all his partners’ needs. At one point on the relationships with his partners, Joe would feel used and have a lack of motivation to engage in sex. Joe would end the relationships when he does not have money to give them, and realizes that they only want to be with him for their material benefit. Joe has made this a life cycle. The client would feel sexual dissatisfaction during several of his relationships presented by the inability to reach orgasm. The client stated feeling concerned about his performance or ability to enjoy a sexual encounter. Joe mentioned that he has seen a doctor at Health Point Clinic. But, the doctor did not encounter any biological problems, and…

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