Jobs in Travel and Tourism: Receptionist and Cabin Crew Essay

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M1 - Compare two jobs in the travel and tourism sector

Jobs in the tourism sector are all different and all of them follow with different duties and responsibilities, in this assignment I will be comparing two different jobs in the tourism sector, I will be focusing on receptionist at a hotel and air cabin crew. To compare these jobs I will be focusing on their duties and responsibilities of both jobs, I will also compare entry requirements for receptionist and cabin crew and also if both jobs could progress what can they promote to and what is the difference and similarities in both.

Being a receptionist at a hotel is completely different to a air cabin crew member, their job may involve several similar skills such as having good
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Having the responsibility of selling, both roles receptionist and cabin crew will have similar responsibility of payments, billing and receipts. As both roles receptionist and cabin crew have the responsibility of selling, they will also have the duty to take payments of the guests and passengers, however a receptionist may also have to take payment of the guest when booking a room as well, cabin crew members will take payment when a passenger has purchased a duty free item, also this is where they will have the responsibility of processing their bill as well, a receptionist will also

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