Jobs For The Nation : Challenges For A Society Essay

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Jobs for The Nation: Challenges For A society Based On Work is a book written by Anthony Patrick Carnevale, concerning employment in the United States. Anthony argues that America is a country that values work more than almost anything. This value placed upon work has implication on how individuals are perceived and goals are constructed. Individuals who live in a society that is based on work are judge accordingly. Those with jobs are judged to be productive members of society. Likewise, those without jobs are assumed to be of little worth. In a work-based society employment is connected to self and societal worth. A society that values work to such a degree, would desire to have every able body employed. However, do to a host of variables, there exist a gap between those able and willing to work and the opportunities afforded to them. The author argues that the gap between full employment and Americas inability to deliver a job to all willing participants represents a profound dilemma that this book seeks to address.
Economies that underuse human capital in the short term impair their long term economic growth potential. Simply, unemployed individuals now will reduce economic outlooks later. The author posits that the amount and quality of available work is a states’ choice. He goes on to say that labor-market distress is the biggest threat to societies that are work-based. The severely distressed population (unemployed, poor, and displaced) are denied the social and…

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