Essay on Job Stress and Burnout

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Stress and Burnout
There is a lot to be said about occupational stress, burnout and work satisfaction. However, finding the ideal career field can be a challenging task all by itself, and even more difficult with the pressures of financial hardships. As a result, some people may not have the luxury to concern themselves with obtaining employment that offers work satisfaction. Then again, a person may only be interested in making a good honest living, getting the bills paid and enjoying a reasonable lifestyle. Others may happen to enjoy going to work everyday, regardless of their pay because they feel that what they do makes a difference and that brings them overall fulfillment. (Harper & Leicht, 2011). Due to working in
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Moreover, “In recent years, our educational system has become the target of widespread scrutiny and criticism, while at the same time the rewards of teaching are often obscured by the difficult working conditions that are prevalent in many of our schools. (Guglielmi, Sergio, Tatrow, Kristin, para 5).” Against this backdrop of heightened job pressure and reduced professional satisfaction, it is not surprising that alarming statements have been issued repeatedly in the educational literature about the growing prevalence of teacher stress and burnout. (Guglielmi, Sergio, Tatrow, Kristin).
What is stress and what contributes to stress? “The two factors that determine job strain are job demands (workload, deadlines, etc.) and decision latitude (i.e., autonomy and control). (Guglielmi, Sergio, Tatrow, Kristin, para 22).” I experience work based on how what I do, makes me feel, and the impact it has on the lives of others. The stress response is viewed as the result of a negative interaction between person and environment (Guglielmi, Sergio, Tatrow, Kristin, para 8).” The contributors to the stress response of teachers are: (lack of support from Administration, uncooperative parents, insubordinate students and an toxic work environment). It was found that teachers who reported that they had supportive supervisors and indicated that they received positive feedback concerning their skills and abilities from others were less vulnerable to

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