Job Security Is A Euphemism

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In less than 2 months, I gracefully quit my job.

“1 month and a handful of loose change? You weren’t with the guy for more than five minutes!”

“Okay Sam, the similarities between job seeking and dating is noticeable,” I said stoically.

“Having Job security is paramount for most people,” Sam reassured me with his eyebrows raised high.

“Job security is a euphemism.”

“Euphemism for what?”

“Complacency, Sam.

Sam is the face and voice in my admonishing me about the consequences. He represents my thoughts, fears, critics, and most of all he is my first point of contact.

“When I think about complacency Sam, I imagine a rat in a maze or a hamster on a wheel. A wheel that keeps you in line while you make the owner lots of money. You master the skills
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Creative engagement, personal growth, money, you name it. Try to stick to one reason, one vision and allow that to guide you throughout the entire job search.
2.Quitting a job can be a big deal, but often times it is not. I like to believe the competition is on the employer and not me. You may be replaceable in the employer’s eyes, but you must always consider yourself special and talented. You have to believe in yourself or no one else will.
3.Most people think that quitting a job is risky. But for me, this job was an opportunity cost, and it can be an opportunity cost for you. I am now that much closer to working for a company whose culture aligns with my personality and beliefs. Think about that number 1 interview question we all dread: "Tell me about yourself." Don 't mistreat this question as an ice breaker. REALLY tell them about you and your values. Start off strong and everything else will fall into place.

4.I firmly believe it is the company 's responsibility to provide job security, and it is both the recruiter AND candidates job to find the right

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