Health Care Administration Case Study

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When conducting my job search I focused firstly on looking for general healthcare administration positions, without adding specific disciplines. I learned several things about the industry as well as some things that I can focus on specifically instead of just searching broadly. Conducting a job search is helpful in knowing what types of jobs and opportunities are available. The health care administration field offers many varying medical careers, with varying salaries depending upon what position you choose.
Job Search
Health Care Administration Health care administrators have varying duties depending on the organization that they work for. The duties of a health care administrator include; “planning coordinating, and implementing
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She maintained training and ensured the building was compliant in every regulation standard that the office was subject to. I can also work in a larger environment, such as a major hospital, or a chain of medical offices. Although there are a variety of things that health administrators are responsible for and a number of places that they can practice their skill, one ting remains; “health administrators are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of a hospital, hospital system, or health care organization” (2016).
Moreover, the health administrator career field has a variety of jobs within it. Some positions that are available are in fields such as human resources, health insurance, and nursing homes to name a few. Conducting a job search enhanced my knowledge of the types of practices that I can pursue as a health care administrator and manager. I found several available positions in a variety of different states. The next step would be to build a résumé.
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Additionally, a point I took from CSU-Global Optimal Résumé is to pause when necessary. When I am nervous I tend to stumble over my words. “It is perfectly acceptable to pause and collect your thoughts before speaking. This can help you eliminate unwanted “ums” and “likes” during your answer” (CSU-Global Campus, 2016). Using the steps in ‘preparing for an interview’ will assist me when I prepare for an interview. The lesson also suggests to “determine the purpose” (2016); I need to work on identifying how my answer will coincide to the positon I am applying for as well as the company’s

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