Job Satisfactions And Job Performance Essay

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This paper explores three empirical articles that reports results from research done on different companies and different countries regarding Job Satisfactions and Job performance; in addition, it was taken in consideration two variables which are the Age of the employees and the training the supervisor received. Managers most of the times expect employees to perform equally and to accomplish the company goals without caring about the age of the employees or their educational background. There are cases in which employees get motivated to do a work performance well by being motivated in their work environment and by putting on the side their burnout, so it won’t cause them to do a poor job performance.

Keywords: Burnout, Job satisfaction, Job performance, Age, and Training

Management sometimes believe that each employee should perform at their maximum capacity without looking at different variables, such as the hour the employee works, if they have any family emergency, how much time they actually have to spend with their family and recharge their personal battery to be ready to work. Management should be able to get help by looking on what their employees need in order for them to perform well in their workplace because they have tendency to think that financial incentives can solve the problem. For some employees who earn the minimum wage can be beneficial while for older employee’s money will not be enough or they will not even consider it to be motivational to…

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