Job Satisfaction Essay

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Job Satisfaction


Employee job satisfaction and retention happens to be an issue to be debated in terms of attaining an increased degree of productivity within the organization. Job satisfaction is best defined as a set of feelings and emotions employees associate with their work. Theoretically, an organization with employees that display actions of substantial absenteeism as well as turnover due to low levels of job satisfaction would generally suffer from greater recruitment and retraining cost that will hinder profitability. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses have failed to make job satisfaction a top management priority; this particular trend is attributed to the failure to recognize the significant advantages an
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The organization’s reputation before the public may also have some negative perception. Studies reveal that workers who have low job satisfaction tend to be absent more often (Javitch, 2002).

Workers often resort to a variety of excuses such as medical reasons, use of vacation time, sick leave and holidays to offset their absences. According to Javitch (2002), another way in which workers may exhibit their dissatisfaction with job condition is through tardiness. Tardiness is a period of absenteeism ranging from a few minutes to several hours for the day.

Theories and Models of Factors That Impact Job Satisfaction

The personality and performance of employees in the workplace has been theorized and placed into standard models and theories. Research in the field of job satisfaction has yielded correlations for aspects of job performance such as motivation, deviation, job satisfaction, and teamwork (Huitt, W., 2007). Amongst the most popular theories are the Affect, Dispositional, Core Self-Evaluation model, and Two Factor theories.

The primary premise from the Affect Theory is the fact that satisfaction dictates how satisfied or dissatisfied the workers become when their expectations are met or not met. When a person values a particular area of employment, his satisfaction is greatly impacted both positively and negatively, when compared with one who does not value that area of work.

The Depositional Theory is a general theory

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