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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Employees are the most important determinant and leading factor that determine the success of an organization in a competitive environment. This is especially true for service organizations that rely heavily on their good behavioural employees to provide friendly and courteous services to their customers in this competitive environment. Job satisfaction refers to “a collection of attitudes that workers have about their jobs”. These attitudes may derive from a facet of

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According to Leon C. Megginson, the term human resource can be thought of as “the total knowledge, skills, creative abilities, talents and aptitudes of an organization’s workforce, as well as the value, attitudes and beliefs of the individuals involved.” Human resource management means employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirements with a view to contribute to the goals of the organization, individual and the society, it can also be defined as managing(planning, organizing, directing and controlling) the function of employing, developing and compensating human resource resulting in the creation and development of human relations with a view to contribute proportionately(due to them) to the organizational, individual and social goals.
Healthy Employee is a productive Employee”. Job satisfaction means satisfaction of the employee in the job. If an employee want to be productive he must be satisfied with his job it’s impossible to overstate the contribution of people-each employee has their own characters it is very difficult satisfy all employees in an organization. Though job satisfaction factors are largely dependent upon the employer, some of the most important factors are closely linked to boarder economic and political considerations. Probably the two most critical are job security and benefits.
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