Essay about Job Satisfaction Is A Positive Feeling About A Job

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Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction is a positive feeling about a job from its characteristics. Core self-evaluation plays a part in a person 's job satisfaction, whether a person likes or dislikes themselves or if a person feels in control or powerless over the environment. The older workers seem to have a fair amount of job satisfaction, being with the company for quite some years they are secure with where they are at and do not have many concerns for Mikisiw. Younger employees, on the other hand feel powerless in their work environment and show mostly job dissatisfaction. Consequently, the younger employees showed job dissatisfaction by ‘exit’, which is attempting to leave the organization, this happened during the walk out. Furthermore, the younger employees also show dissatisfaction by ‘voice’ they have expressed their feelings to management about how they don’t enjoy the retirement program in hopes of improvement.

Organizational Commitment & Job Involvement
Organizational commitment expresses how much an individual values an organization’s goals and wants to continue working with the company. The types of organizational commitment at work in this situation are affective and continuance. (Langton, Robbins, Judge, 2016, Pg. 99) The older workers at Mikisiw are demonstrating affective organizational commitment by defending the retirement program that is in place. The company has had it in place for a number of years and is now under fire from younger employees who…

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