Job Plan For Job Redesign Essay

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The HRM manager will need to create new job duties and/or redesign current job descriptions. Job redesign tailors employee positions to an organization’s current functions and needs. When change happens, job redesign ensures that organizational needs are filled by competent employees. Job redesign can involve something as simple as adding a single job function, or it can be as complex as completely overhauling the position. Job redesign can also involve the addition of new tasks to provide employees with variety and challenges. This can contribute to increased employee satisfaction in workplace experience. The process can also be purposed to balance the tasks and abilities of a group of employees. Job redesign can improve quality of work life, increase productivity, increase loyalty which helps to retain high quality talent, and it creates the right fit for employees.
Training and development cost money and time. Real costs can be substantial and can change the entire process of how work is done. Training and development of all employees, including managers, will need to be re-structured to fit the new automated processes. According to Lawler III and Bourdreau, “compensation….often represents 70 percent to 80 percent of business cost” (Lawler & Bourdreau, 2012). So, HR managers have enormous responsibilities trying to reduce labor costs and to keep up with the latest technology in order to be competitive in the workplace.
Why are firms failing to attract talent or keep…

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