Job Performance of Practicumers of Bshrm Student Essay

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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Settings
Competence is defined as the skills, knowledge and other attributes that lead to success in a chosen area. One of the major factors for students to ponder upon after graduation in college is whether they became competent to the different challenges of the global market. Acquiring techniques or knowledge for new trends is a head start for being a competent employee which can be learned through quality education. Job qualification for Hotel industry is essential in finding a competitive work in the Philippines or even in other countries. Due to the rampant growth in hospitality industry, there has been a major concern for the Hotel and Restaurant Management students to be highly
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Theoritical/Conceptual Framework
This study is conceptualized on studies regarding hospitality graduates’ skills and competencies. The researcher chose several concepts.
Several studies had been undertaken to determine the importance of hotel management competencies. Ineson and Kempa (1996) identified four main skills, namely: oral and written communication skills, supervising skills (staff motivation and training), ability to engender customer satisfaction and service skills. In addition to these skills, other studies have identified skills such as problem solving, maintaining professional and ethical standards. These are essentials to consider in professionalism and leadership qualities to achieve operational objectives (Kay and Russette 2000; Christou and Sigala 2001).
Public and staff safety obligations such as; the management of hygiene and safety conditions and legal responsibilities (Baum 1990); identifying operational problems (Christou and Sigala 2001) and effectively managing life-threatening situations such as fire, bomb threat and serious illness (Kay and Russette 2000) have also been identified. Another interesting point is the absence of some of the strategic management skills for the benefit of ‘hotel specific operational skills. For Kay and Russette (2000) leadership and communication skills are still seen as of major importance at the

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