Job Offer Negotiations : Joe Tech Essay example

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Job Offer Negotiations

Joe Tech is a recent MBA graduate negotiating the job offer for his first permanent position. The position offered is with a leading technology company in Silicon Valley, Robust Routers, for which Joe was an intern the prior summer. He performed well during the internship and his manager, Leigh Bultema, offered him a permanent position. The offer was for the Associate Produce Manager position in the Terabit Router Group and included the following:

The offer was made in August of 2009 and Joe has only a week to accept or decline the offer. Joe has chosen to negotiate the offer to increase his compensation and avoid relocation from his home in Nashville, TN. This summary offers the results of the negotiation, a comparison of the results to the original offer, and a discussion on the negotiation process. The bargaining mix for this negotiation includes the salary, signing bonus, stock options and relocation. Joe’s target points are outlined below:

The negotiation required multiple concessions by both parties, but a settlement was reached between Joe and Leigh. Joe did not reach his target point on all issues, but was ultimately satisfied with the negotiated offer. The most challenging issue was related to the request to remain in Nashville, TN instead of relocating to Silicon Valley. Leigh did not believe that working remotely would be in the best interest of the company or in Joe’s best interest. Joe had expressed his desire to transfer…

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