Job Interviews For A Job Interview Essay

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Job interviews are the most important step in the challenging course of finding a job. A job interview is often a chance to make a first impression with a company or organization, which can make a huge impact on whether or not one is offered a job. Job interviews also serve as a two-way street for the exchange of information (Joseph). The interview provides a selling opportunity for the organization as well as the candidate (Joseph). The interview allows for one to explain to the company exactly how they can positively impact the company. Candidates can describe past working experiences and the skills that they used in those experiences. One’s performance at a job interviews can be life changing, which is why job interviews are so important and need to be practiced.
There are several different types of interviews: structured, unstructured, stress, series, and virtual. A candidate needs to figure out what kind of interview he or she will be participating in so that he or she can properly prepare for the interview. A structured interview is an interview format generally used in the screening process in which the interviewer follows a predetermined agenda, including a checklist of items or a series of questions and statements designed to provide the necessary information (Lehman/Dufrene). An unstructured interview is a freewheeling exchange that may shift from one subject to another, depending on the interests of the participants (Lehman/Dufrene). A stress interview is an…

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