Job Fair And Career Experiences

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After attending Northern Illinois University for a year and a half, this is the first time I have attended any of the fairs. I must say, that this experience opened my eyes to a lot of different things regarding my future career goals. In my paper, I will be discussing the fair that I attended, what I learned about job searching from this experience, how I will apply this experience to my future career goals, how this experience will shape my future internship and/or career path, and finally my overall thoughts of the fair.

Job Fair
The fair that I attended was the job fair, I decided to attend this fair for two reasons. The first reason is because I wanted to look for a second job during the summer and next year. I know for our assignment we were supposed to speak to jobs that are in our major area. Which I did, but I also decided to talk to employers that were offering part-time positions for the summer and next year, seeing that I will be taking a year off from school I
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For example, each employer is different although they may ask the same questions some of them may be looking for different answers. In the case of Aegis and First National Bank. Both these companies asked me a similar question which was “what skills I felt that I had that would be an asset to their company?” These companies are not that same so I tailored my answers according to the actual job and company. So for Aegis, I said that I am very optimistic and have an up-beat mood, I work well with others, and I am very open to change. For First National Bank, I said that I work well under pressure, I am comfortable working in fast paced environments, and I have 4 plus years of experience working with money. This taught me that every job has different expectations from their employees, researching the company can be very beneficial when job searching, and always carry at least one copy of your resume, you never know who you will

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