Job Enrichment Is A Management Technique Essay

1187 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Managers have several theories to choose from when determining how to motivate employees. Job enrichment is a management technique in which an employee or worker is given freedom to determine their own ways of assessing and completing their workload. This method entrusts the employee with more responsibility and in turn challenges and encourages team members to take a more active role within their daily work load. This motivation leads to an improvement of the worker’s job satisfaction as well as productivity output; while reducing the repetitiveness of daily routines and increasing the chance for growth and advancement within the company. Management is able to measure the effectiveness of this method by monitoring an employee’s productivity and skills through the goal setting process; which exhibits a clear understanding of the expectations between both parties and freedom for each employee to explore different ways to complete the necessary tasks while keeping the employee motivated. As each goal is met, the employee experiences a sense of achievement and is able to gain recognition from their manager; thus creating an incentive for the employee to take on further challenges, improve their skill set, and become a more productive worker and asset for the company. In the case study of “Job Redesign for Expanded HIM Functions”, the author discusses options for health information specialist to work smarter, rather than harder. Through goal-setting, managers have an…

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