Job Enrichment And Job Design Essay

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Job Enrichment and Job Design – A Case Study on Implementation of electronic health records How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?
Goal setting in the case of HIS is centered on the Job Structure and the DESIGN
Job structure is seen from a high level in terms of scrutiny of the mission, vision and overall structure of the organization. Buy-in from management is sought to ensure that impacts on other departments and Human Resources are understood and that the change has sufficient weight to succeed. The focus then turns to the types of tasks of a particular job – the unit of measurement, whether a task is for mass production or batch, and the processes of the tasks, and routine that the tasks take during a working day or week. (Woodward 1965, 69) The nature of the job is clarified – whether or not the job processes require multiple staff working together, or whether the process belongs to an individual. Characteristics of the job are analysed – whether there is a measure of control required or whether the job can be done with relative autonomy, whether the task can be identified to a role and owned, whether there is a need for cognitive skill, if the job is responsible for others, a process, or an outcome, whether the job has a variety of tasks or a variety of ways to undertake a task, and whether the job requires any feedback in order to improve the process (Wall et al. 1990, 208; Boonzaier et al
2001, 13, 17). The…

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