Job Enrichment And Job Design Essay

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Job Enrichment and Job Design – A Case Study on Implementation of electronic health records How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?
Goal setting in the case of HIS is centered on the Job Structure and the DESIGN
Job structure is seen from a high level in terms of scrutiny of the mission, vision and overall structure of the organization. Buy-in from management is sought to ensure that impacts on other departments and Human Resources are understood and that the change has sufficient weight to succeed. The focus then turns to the types of tasks of a particular job – the unit of measurement, whether a task is for mass production or batch, and the processes of the tasks, and routine that the tasks take during
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Feedback is sought from all areas of the business to ensure that risks are managed and concerns are addressed. Finally, measurement of the redesign and change of the organisation is undertaken and benefits are celebrated.
How are the principles of job enrichment applied in this case?
Job enrichment is applied in a number of different ways:
- Allowing a staff member to perform their own tasks, either through questionnaires and job satisfaction surveys, making sure that the entire organisation is accounted for as the changes in a role, responsibility or process may impact many other levels, and identification of new roles in the organisation that can be used to allocate new responsibility or tasks to existing roles, providing further role enrichment.
- Actions that motivate individuals -
- Motivational actions: looking at the demands of the job and whether there is any quantifiable overload for the resource allocated. Ensuring boredom is mitigated by decreasing specialisation in the work and repetition in the tasks, whilst introducing variety into the work; or ensuring that the job holder has a plan for

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