Job Enrichment And Job Design Case Study

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There is a very interesting theory on the problems we can encounter at work, and the following websites have the information about it. I. Principles of Management by Carpenter, M, B, Erdogan (2009) Chapter 14, pages 336*337 on Job enrichment and job design. II. Also on the case study of Elizabeth Layman (2011), job redesign for Expanded HIM Funtions, 2011 AHIMA Convention Proceeding. On the website; “http;// dDocName=bok1_049430” Motivation Theories on Job Design/Job Enrichment? As I uderstood there are “four levels; reengineering, restructuring, work redesign, and job redesign. This chategories will help the managers to create an struicture to better accommodate employees …show more content…
With the incrementation of the internet and “electronic health care record” there is a flaw in the job enrichment because the employees are doing different tasks not necessarily what they where hire to do, but instead more. What was the impact of job enrichment on motivation and communication in the HIS Departments? It has to change according to the amount of people depending where they live older people to keep track, and to assist them. On the other hand as I saw on HIS could use this examples to better their way of arranging bussinessess. On the website “” on the title Five European Start ups Changing The Way Businesses Work, written by David Prosser. In order to succeed, they need to invest their money on technology, but only the main essential , instead of waiting money, on technology that will be expensive, and soon will be obsolete. “typeform” is a way companies advertise, by calling for information while developing a way substract such information without compromasing ourselves or making feel intrusive. Basically, an smooth way to substract information while keeping the customers ocupied with friendly chat. There is a”people per hour’ located in London, which is an organization that works online when needed. They emphazise on the buying an selling items or services, and allow the compannies to take their small investments to such individuals. The “templafy” in Copenhagen, is a

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