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Job Description Matrix HCS/341--Human Resources in Health Care August 27, 2012 Deidra Johnson Job Description Matrix Recruitment Matrix Recruitment Strategy or Method | External or Internal | Appropriateness for Health Care | Job Centre’s | External | Yes, appropriate for health care because thousands of individuals can be contacted at a low cost to the organization. | Job Advertisements | External | Yes, appropriate for health care. Particularly internet

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One of the easiest strategies that are employed is advertising any positions for advancement within the organization first before advertising the position externally through newspaper ads or job websites. Another internal strategy is having regular training sessions to keep current staff members up to date with new skills or new equipment that has been, is or will be currently used. Another way, that would also involve an external strategy would be to offer an employee referral incentive program. The organization can offer employees either a monetary reward for every new employee referral or offer a reward like additional vacation days or a gift certificate.
Some of the most common external strategies that health care organizations employ to recruit outside of the company are job fairs. Holding job fair at local job fairs or going to a high school or college to recruit is one of the best ways to externally recruit. For some municipalities, civil service exams are used for external recruitment. Agencies will hold recruitment drives aimed at having potential candidates fill out applications for civil service exams. Once the exam is given and the hiring
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