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Job Design integrates work content (tasks, functions, relationships), the rewards

(Extrinsic and intrinsic) and the qualifications required (skills, knowledge, abilities) for each job in a way that meets the needs of employees and the organizations.

It involves an interaction between what the organizations need to be done in terms of activities and what a person would do. It creates a framework of the job along with the strategy of the organization.

Job Design involves three steps:

The specification of individual tasks.
The specification of the method(s) of performing each task
The combination of tasks into specific jobs to be assigned to the individuals.
Here, steps 1 and 3
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These practices may arise out of tradition or collective wishes of the employees and the management. When such practices are a part of the union management relationship then the flexibility to design jobs get limited.

Environmental Factors:
Environmental factors also affect all activities of HRM and job design is also no exception. The various external factors that have a bearing on job design are:

Employee Abilities and Availability:
Efficiency consideration must be balanced against the abilities and availability of the people who are to do the job. It is important to give consideration to who will actually perform the work.

Social and Cultural Expectations:
The jobs must be designed to meet the employee expectations. Hours of work, rest breaks, vacations, national holidays, management styles, religious beliefs and worker sophistication and attitudes are some of the differences which can affect the design of jobs. Failure to consider these social differences can create discontent and lack of productivity.

Behavioral Factors:
Behavioural factors would refer to human needs and the necessity to satisfy them. More than extrinsic motivation which would deal with high monetary rewards, and employee needs intrinsic motivation, which he will get if the following factors are taken care of:

Individuals must receive meaning full feedback about their performance, preferably by two ways:

Self Evaluation
Evaluation by superior

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