Essay on Job Design : Cedar Creek

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As an organization, there are multiple ways one can motivate their employees. Each company needs to evaluate their philosophies and values and determine which ways would benefit them.
Organizations can motivate their employees by job design, goal-setting, performance appraisals, and performance incentives. Cedar Creek is a privately owned assisted living facility in Crystal
River. They have been voted best of the best of assisted livings in Citrus County for 5+ years in a row. Cedar Creek must be doing something right. With interviewing a few of their staff, I can see how Cedar Creek gets that award time and time again. The hands on staff talk about how their suggestions and opinions are listened to and put into action at times. They appreciate their every move is not monitored and how they are allowed to adjust their schedules as needed. The leaders relay how lucky they are to work for a private owner who believe in them and truly let their philosophy to filter from the top to the bottom.
Job Design
Job design is the number one motivator at work, not pay. It impacts employee motivation, job satisfaction, commitment to an organization, absenteeism, and turnover (Bauer, 2014, p. 123).
One of the ways to utilize job design is with job rotation. Job rotation is when an organization moves employees around from tasks to tasks to prevent employees becoming bored with routine jobs. This form of job design lowers absenteeism and turnover. The employees will gain new skills, which in…

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