Job Description Of An Actor Essay

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An actor interprets the work of a writer, they convey a situation and/or character to an audience through the use of movement, speech and body language. They are usually under the instruction of a director. An actor is also required to learn their lines and be able to embody their character and situation enough to improvise when needed. Work varies from live performances, soap operas, radio work, television, advertising and film

The main role of an actor is to provide entertainment. Other duties include attending auditions, working as an extra, learning lines and rehearsing, researching to prepare for a part and doing what is necessary and required to fulfil your particular acting jobs needs.

Acting to me is not seen as just another possible career choice. I enjoy drama and the possibility of being paid to do something I love is something I aspire to do. As its not perceived as ‘work’ if i enjoy and want to do it. The acting industry is hard to get into and succeed with, being surrounded by the doubts of everyone around me only pushes me further and inspires me to try harder and prove them wrong. I also chose this occupation as i am serious about pursuing it in the future and by researching it i will develop a deeper insight into the acting industry and what to expect and what is needed to be a successful actor.


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