Job Description Of A Job Essay

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1. Find a job you could obtain with the degree that I am pursuing by clicking on the links in the Career Overview website. Follow the links until you find the median salary.
I found an Accounting and Auditor Salary job the median annual salary in a job like this is $54,600.00 (Web, Oct. 9th, 2015).
2. Break down salary to a monthly income. Approximately ¼ of my income will be deducted for various taxes. Calculate your monthly income after taxes. Include this information in your summary in question #3. My monthly income would be $4,500.00 before taxes. My monthly income after taxes would $3375.00 taking out ¼ for taxes.
3. Below, included a one-page typed summary covering the following: Job description including typical work environment and responsibilities. Accountants perform a variety of tasks, all of which help businesses with their financial records and statements. Accountants may work for a government, private or public firm, or in a corporate environment. An accountant may organize and maintain financial records for a company and prepare financial statements such as tax returns, ensuring all taxes are paid on time. They may also suggest ways to improve financial operations by implementing best practices and evaluating and improving budgets. Accountants also make recommendations to management to reduce costs, run the business more efficiently, and improve revenue for the enterprise. Said to be the “language of the business,” accounting measures the success of a…

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