Job Decription Essay

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Job Description

Job analysis is a crucial stage of the recruitment and selection process as it identifies the nature and scope of responsibilities expected of new staff. The purpose of job analysis is to break down the job into specific knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) requirements for effective performance which can be subsequently assessed. (Robinson, 2006, p. 157) For the role of the Sales Manager we have identified a purpose and shown the main duties required of the candidate.

Job title: Sales Manager
Reporting to the: Sales & Marketing Director
Location: Portsmouth Office
Purpose of the post: The Sales Manager will be required to develop and manage a Sales Team to take the organisation into the next stage of
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We have shown in the third column how we could measure these attributes. (Table 1)


Interview Plan

Selection interviews allow an assessment to be made of the candidates’ personality, ability and overall suitability for the job. (Robinson, 2006, p. 166) As (Barclay, 2001) suggests selection interviews perform a social function of selling, negotiating and persuading; they are widely acceptable to both managers and candidates and are more time efficient than other methods such as testing or assessment centres. (Robinson, 2006, pp. 166-67) The interview plan and assessment form will take all candidates through the same selection procedure so we can identify the most suitable candidate in an ethical and appropriate way without discrimination.

• In order to get the candidate comfortable and relaxed we would show them the room for interview and the equipment available for their presentation.
• We would offer them a drink.
• Once they are happy and settled we would invite them to sit down with the two of us. The lead questioner would ask the questions while the second would make notes.
• Ask them about their education
• Ask them to expand on career history
• Go through details on their C.V.
• Enquire about their salary progression
• Get details of their last post and why they are looking to change jobs.
• Establish their current

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