Job Analysis : Job And Verification Essay

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Job analysis according to Zaid (2013) is the organized process of defining the various expertise, knowledge and duties which are necessary for carrying out jobs in an organization.
In addition, job analysis could also be defined as the collection of data on the numerous job activities, behavior required from employees, the conditions of the working environment, human personality and the capabilities necessary to perform the job and this is done by using various analysis technique such as interview, questionnaire, observation, participant diary log (Dessler, Munro &Cole 2011)

For the purpose of designing a strategic plan, analyzing the job and verification is an important step, It must be carried out internally and also in the recruiting process (Dessler et al., 2011). Carrying this out internally means analyzing the performance of the employees currently in the organization. Knowing what is currently going on in the organization, what and where the organization currently lacks, improve and make changes in order to avoid these mistakes with the new applicants.

As stated earlier, there are various techniques that can be used in job analysis. They include:
A questionnaire can be seen or defined as a list of questions or statements which are assembled to create formal response normally distributed to individuals who fit into the conditions needed to achieve the research aim (silverman, 2001).

Interview is viewed…

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