Joanne Samcea Is An Excellent Illustration Of Such A Scenario

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The United States of America is a wonderful nation built on freedom and equality. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, the United States has been labeled as the poster child for equality and opportunities amongst its citizens. Individuals and families across the country take their shot every day at achieving the American dream, but most of them eventually realize that the American dream isn’t easily attainable. Joanne Samcea is an excellent illustration of such a scenario.
Joanne Samcea is a twenty year old college student at the University of Maryland College Park who migrated to America in 1999 at the age of five. She was born on May 15, 1994 in the Republic of Liberia, a small country on the western coast of Africa. Joanne was born into the world at a time when her home country was undertaking in a massive civil war, which forced part of her family to flee to America for refuge. Her life in the United States began as a resident of Maryland, where Fanta Samcea, Joanne’s aunt, raised Joanne and two of her siblings. The Samcea’s never had luxury items, but they had the necessities of life and managed to get by day to day. However, this all changed in 2009 when Fanta Samcea was laid off from Solo Cup, a disposable consumer product manufacturer, leaving the family with no means to provide for themselves. Consequently, the family lost most of their possessions, including their place of residence, which forced them to move in with…

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