1 Chronicles And 2 Samuel Compare And Contrast

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In the 1 Chronicles and 2 Samuel they both start off the same way. In both stories there are many things the same and a great amount different from each other. Both of the stories have the same meaning but explains it in their own way. They both tell about how they go to war, but in the Chronicles it didn’t mention that David sent Joab to go to war as it did in Samuel. In the 2 Samuel they go into great detail about things the 1 Chronicles didn’t talk about at all. Such as the David had a great sin, while he was on the roof he spotted a women bathing and sent to gather information about her. When he found out her husband was in the war he brought her to his house and had sex with her and she became pregnant with his child. He sent a message …show more content…
David tried to do any and everything to get God to change his mind but he didn’t. When the baby came it was only alive for seven days, they know he was dead when they were talking to him he wouldn’t respond so they knew he was dead. After that David went and had a baby with Bathsheba and the lord loved him so he ordered Nathan to go tell them change the baby name from Solomon to Jedidiah. David sent Joab to fight the war against Rabbah. Joab took the water-city he went and took the crown Milcom for the idol’s head. He deported the people from the city and put them to work at the Brickmold with saws, iron axes and picks. David did that with all the cities of the A mmonites and him and the rest of the army returned to Jerusalem. They made both of these stories similar but in the 1 Chronicles the writer gets straight to the point. They tell that Joab led the army to take the Ammonites and David just came and took the Crown. They leave out all the stuff that David did before and during battle. In 2 Samuel they tell all of that and how David sinned against the Lord. They make David should almost cowardly in that he only came once Rabbah was defeated. Then in the 2 Samuel they tell what he went through and how he made the difference in the

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