Jjj Toothpaste Case Study Essays

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We are very thankful to our Project guide Mr. Sanjeev Kumar faculty member (lecturer)RIMT-IMCT, for his valuable guidance, deep-rooted interest, inspiration and continuous encouragement through out the period of project. We also thank the respondents for their cooperation and spending precious time in responding to the Questionnaire.


i. Summary ii. Introduction iii. Snapshot of Tooth paste Brands iv. Review of Literature v. Research Work vi. Conclusions vii. Suggestions viii. Bibliography


This project titled ‘ Image
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In these days of technology parity, it does not take long to duplicates. Moreover, with the availability of increasing number of brands, the consumers has little patience or the wit to swift through and judge the uniqueness of features claimed by each of the brands. So, how does one ensure that one is seen and heard in overcrowded market place. The answer lies in brand positioning, one of the most powerful concepts in the marketing world, which enables the seller to win the marketing battles by influencing the consumer’s mind set.

Brand Positioning Positioning a brand in the consumer's mind is critical to brand success. In an age sameness, a brand must tout a variety of product or brand features and benefits, by drawing attention to them and promoting their value to the consumer.

The act of developing certain brand characteristics and promoting them is one of the few ways a brand can be differentiated. Your own market is probably saturated with products that all look similar and offer the same benefits. Since most products or brands have a variety of features, such as speed, accuracy, size, functionality, cost, style, specs, and more, each of these can be emphasized if they are truly critical to a segment of the consumer market. If you want your brand to be known for a subset of the potential features and benefits it offers, then you are fixing or positioning the product brand in consumer's minds as being about those

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