Essay on Jit2(Petley Tea)

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Risk Management (JIT2)

Business Contingency Plan – Petley Tea
Petley Tea is a Global distributor of the finest tea leaves with a reputation for quality products, best customer service, and a reputation for one of finest companies to work for. Without a Business Contingency Plan this would not be possible, so we have developed a BCP to set a standard for operations. The purpose of this Business Continuity Plan is to provide general direction to ensure the execution of essential functions for Petley Tea in the event a disaster cripples or disables operations. It is imperative any organization plan for disaster, no matter how small or large the scale. The purpose of this plan is to
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Pre-incident planning is imperative for Petley Tea to recover any incidentals. Below are things Petley Tea will do to prep the company for any interruptions.

-Server Backup Procedures: * All servers are to have full and incremental backups daily. Incremental backups are to be completed Monday – Saturday at 11:30 p.m. Full backups will be completed on Sunday 12:00 a.m. though 12:00 p.m. Having this backup schedule allows servers to be recovered faster with minimal administrative strain. All backups are stored at alternate locations in case of loss of Petley Tea’s physical infrastructure.
-Disaster Recovery Training and Awareness: * Petley Tea is to have disaster recovery and awareness training that includes; situational awareness and drills to ensure all personnel is prepared to handle emergencies/disasters pre-emergencies, during emergencies, and post-emergencies. All training will provide blue prints of buildings with visible routes to emergency exits. Personnel will be required to participate in drills to know shortest routes to exits. Training will include securing all systems. Personnel will be required to know how to properly shutdown all systems to secure and protect the integrity of sensitive information: including, but not limited to corporate data and information systems. There will be

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