Essay about Jimmy Carter And The Iranian Hostage Crisis

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Jimmy Carter was the 37th President of the United States of America. To be honest, I really only remember Carter from when we studied the Iranian Hostage Crisis. When researching Jimmy’s early political career and presidency, it seemed he really wanted to change our nation, but unfortunately he couldn’t really grip how to run the nation and how to get along with Congress, and left it almost worse then when he took office.

Jimmy Carter, who was born James Earl Carter Jr., was born October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia. Jimmy’s father, Earl, was a farmer and a business man, and his mother Lillian, was a registered nurse. Jimmy attended Plains public schools growing up, and in 1941 he was the first person on his father’s side to graduate high school. Jimmy then studied at Georgia Southwestern College and also at the Georgia Institute of Technology, before entering the United States Navel Academy. Shortly after his graduation from the Navel Academy in 1946, Carter then married Rosalynn Smith. Together they have four children, John William, James Earl III, Donnel Jeffery, and daughter Amy Lynn. Carter served in the Navy for seven years, when his time was cut short, due to the death of his father. Jimmy and Rosalynn then moved the family back to Plains, Georgia, where Jimmy then took over his father’s business.

Carter had followed in his father’s footsteps and had started to get involved in community politics. In 1966, Carter briefly considered running for the United Sates House…

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