Jimi Hendrix Case Study

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He displays this empathy within the songs ‘Machine Gun' and ‘Isabella,' both of which appear to demonstrate the pacifist within Hendrix.

‘Isabella' is a song about a soldier fighting in Vietnam but not wanting too; "I'm gonna fight this war against Nature, my Heart". The lyrics convey sympathy for the soldiers and don't condemn them but rather the inherent violence of war.

‘Machine Gun' is a jam-based song in which Hendrix uses a memorable Leslie-speaker based guitar riff to emulate the sound of a machine gun. As the lyrics below show Hendrix held a view shared by many Americans of the era that it was unfair that innocent men from both the US and Vietnam had been caught up in a
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While the issues surrounding the war will have no doubt influenced Hendrix and its violence felt within the songs delivery there is much more depth to the performance. "It's not hard to imagine Hendrix thinking less about the hippies congregated at Woodstock than his old friends from the 101st Airborne (many of whom went straight from Fort Campbell to the jungles overseas to witness combat first-hand) when performing the song." (Pernu, Wayne) It may be more appropriate to think of Hendrix's' adaptation of this symbolic song as his "summing up of one of the most volatile eras," and as such it has become a "powerful musical touchstone of the era, a zeitgeist of expressiveness." (Pernu, Wayne) "The rise in social revolution, civil rights movements, human rights movement, anti-War movements, and the counter-culture movement are only some of the characteristics that defined the 1960's" (www.wikipedia.org) and all will have shaped Hendrix's performance that day.
The Woodstock rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" has resonated through both musical and cultural history and has also become "oddly symbolic of the beauty, spontaneity, and tragedy that was endemic to Hendrix's life." (www.reference.com/browse/wiki/jimi_hendrix). The piece has also stood the test of time musically with modern day artist

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