Jill Mcdonough 's Habeas Corpus Essays

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I have chosen to conduct on Jill McDonough’s Habeas Corpus book of sonnets. This book widely and deeply talks about the execution of several people through history and adds on how there punishments were determined. The writer Jill McDonough beautifully put historical events in a book in the forms of poems that had clear questions. These poems strongly insist and stand on the aspect of the individuals being executed due to what they stood for. This was created to ensure the reason of their death and is well known. It can be weighed out as a cause worthy for death as a punishment. The poems seem to have a differing opinion about and on the choice of punishment judged as death. The poems ask the question of if it is worth killing someone for what they believe in even without having any proof against them. It strongly opposes the sentencing of individuals by word of mouth without a extensive conduct being done. Jill McDonough book strongly shows injustice on the individuals and raises the question, is it justified to conduct Capital Punishment. (Habeas Corpus)
For me being fully able to comprehend and be able to justifying capital punishments, requires the need to proceed from a larger framework, this framework is derived fundamentally from the justification of criminal punishment. In the start of the understanding, punishment is explained as "the infliction of harm, consequences or the denial of certain privileges such as freedom, by an authorized person or persons on an…

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