Essay about Jian Ping 's School Day

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Jian Ping’s School Day
Jian Ping had a very compelling story throughout the book, but one of her stories she told the best was about her very extraordinary days at school. Jian didn’t expect to see or do any of the stuff she was put in. There were some challenges she had to face, but it wasn’t without the help of a few people in Jians life. Jian Ping was really excited to become a student. She never saw the inside of the beautiful building she calls school, and for the first time she gets to experience it. She was happy to see many other students, even though most she did not know. Jian had many people expect a lot out of her and her studies. Her mother wants her to become one of the greatest in her classes, so she can feel accomplished as a great mother, and show others how far Jian has become, her teacher Mrs. Wu expects a lot out of her, but she does not show this to Jian as much, Jian also telling us this story because this is also what changed her life. Jian’s mother really wanted Jian to succeed as much as her other children. Jian’s mother tells a story about Jian’s sister Wen. Wen became a very famous nurse, and provider for everyone around China. Wen brought great fortune to the family, and showed her mother and other families the pride she has in nursing, and helping the community. This also made Jian and Wen’s mother very proud, when Wen became the Deputy Director of Public Health. She then stated “You did well,” Mother said to Wen. “Keep up with the good work in…

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