JHT Task 2 Essay

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Heather Taylor
JHT2 Task 2

The first 4 years of Company D was rough in some areas but improved throughout the years. The image rating was one major weakness in the company. Image rating stuck around 41 to 70 for the first 4 years of operating. With each year the rating increased little by little slowly to compensate or help the company. The image rating slowly climbing helped the company by showing the customers the organization is up for making improvements in order to gain their loyalty to by the products.
Another weakness in the company was the reject shoes. Company D had over 2000 pairs of rejected shoes each year for the first 4 years of operation. This hurt the brand at first but helped the company learn to make improvements
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The organization needs to choose based on what they are trying to focus on for the short and long term whether it be customer service, profits, market sharing, or even efficiency.
As CEO of Daily Durable shoes, I want to focus on growth and cutting edge products while allowing the employees help with creating the shoes. If the employees get to give their input on products, they will work smarter and feel as they are part of the company. The company will adapt to the changes in business by offering training to employees and reward employees for excellent work and creativity.
The management team will have different responsibilities but much of the same as well. Upper management such as CEO, CFO, COO, etc. will oversee the entire company and how the company is doing as a whole. This management will keep in contact with plant management to understand and know what is going on in each facility. Middle management like the plant managers and human resource manager would oversee their plants individually and make sure all employees are taken care of. This management will take care of providing training opportunities for employees and make sure there is diversity at the work place. Lower management are the department managers in each plant. These managers have the responsibility for making schedules for their department’s employees and authorizing time off for them.
Team norms I would put into place are to encourage all employees to do

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